Bryan Batt - Demo Reel

Bryan Batt - Select Scenes from Mad Men

Kerry O'Malley - Demo Reel

Kerry O'Malley - Comedy Reel

Matt DeAngelis - Demo Reel

Patrick Fugit - Select Scenes from Outcast

No matter where you are in the world, I can edit and deliver your new or updated reel.
Pricing begins at $250 plus acquired footage cost*.
Turnaround time is three-five days. All reels are 1080p (HD).

Don't have a website? I can host your new reel on Vimeo.
You'll have a link to give to your agent/manager or casting director, 
and they'll be able to view and/or download your reel.

Use the contact page for any questions and to book.

*Footage cost varies depending on where it lives; online, DVD, etc
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