My name is Karl Sonnenberg and I am a live performance and Real Estate photographer based in Los Angeles. A little about my life before I became a photographer full-time. I was a police officer in Los Angeles. After fourteen years on the department, a door opened up for me in television and film to be a police technical advisor. You can see the list of the shows I've worked on by clicking HERE. I continue to work as a technical advisor in the industry and enjoy every minute of it but my heart is in photography.
Live performance: freezing the moment the ball leaves the fingertips of a basketball player, the energy of the holding that last note on the 11 o'clock number, an expression that makes the audience roar in laughter, a dancer suspended in air, it is all about capturing that moment.
Live performance photography feeds my editorial work: I seek out passion for a cause, strength overcoming adversity, standing up for one's beliefs, sadness, happiness, pride, they all become a part of telling the story. So, you might ask how does Real Estate fit in with live performance photography? Honestly, I couldn't tell you! Bottomline is that I love working in the genre. 
Angles, light, perspective, every home is different, each can present challenges and when you come out with beautiful shots that the home owner and agent love... that is the reward. Thank you for visiting my website and spending your time to get to know a little more about me and my work.  
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